Our modern society has become disconnected and detached from our agricultural roots and the source of our sustenance. Many children and adults do not know or seem to care where their food comes from, and take it for granted. They do not fully appreciate our precious resources of fresh water and fertile farmland. Such neglect will have consequences.
    Great things often have small beginnings. For the past two years, I have been learning about and propagating many different types of banana trees. I have been in touch with specialists and I have gained a lot of practical experience, I have many banana trees in my backyard ready to plant. My goal is to have churches, schools and companies "adopt" a banana tree. In conjunction with the 48th District Agricultural Association of the State of California, I am currently planting at the elementary schools in the Glendora Unified School District. 
    It costs nothing for the adoptive parent(s) to  participate, only a willingness to care for a tree. The banana is practically the perfect fruit. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients. The peel on the banana protects it from pests and pesticides. There are a myriad of benefits. Students will learn the benefits of work, planning, patience, healthy habits, and they will connect with nature and their environment.
    Each school will have an option when the fruit is ripe to either donate it to a food bank, or keep it so the students enjoy the fruit of their hard work while promoting healthy eating habits. I visit the school sites frequently and make sure the plants are properly taken care of.   I am also available to lecture students in class about their banana plants. If there are any recommendations for new planting sites, please comment below. I appreciate your support.

Danielle York
Founder and President, ReRoot America

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